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Art Nouveau Mirror

This splendid wall mirror offered here is a rare find boasting the universally inspiring and glamorous peacock, a motif that serve Art Nouveau in many of its design with the most perfect and divine shape. From jewelry and fabrics, from painting to architecture, this majestic bird was the most celebrated bird. Its debut occurred twenty centuries ago in Europe where its splendiferous image was captured on the floors and walls of the Romans and Byzantines. An icon of grace and dignity, the surmounted peacocks on this lovely mirror, in an elegant and majestic pose effortlessly beautiful and captivating in every nuance. Amplifying its elegance and visual interest is the superbly etched original mirrored plate, nestled in a carved and ebonized circular frame. Striking contrast of  black  and gold yet amplified its noteworthy decor statement. 

_img src=_ArtNouveauMirror.jpg_ alt=_Fine Art Nouveau wall mirror in superb black and gold