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 A Premier Source of Fine European Antiques

The unusual finds at Zcollector will satisfy even the most discerning collectors looking for special designs.

Zcollector's Mission

Looking after our customers who come to us for quality and service excellence.

Foundation of Our Design Ethos

Inspired by the spirit of master artisans: their passion for the labors they love, their legacy of excellence in creating works of art which can be passed down through generations. At its heart, Zcollector reflects our esteeming perception of traditional craftsmanship: cohesive design encapsulating the prized elements that lend visual interests and enduring elegance, designed to last and to pass on.

Purchase Protection we've got for you
Thank you for you interest in Zcollector. We're here to answer any questions you might have
about a specific piece.
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Zcollector™ is a privately held company registered in Connecticut. We are not affiliated, associated, or in any way officially connected with any other company, trademark, product, or service unless otherwise stated. 

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