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Zcollector delivers on that promise by protecting you―from secure online payment to delivery and beyond―we are committed to your satisfaction and peace of mind. Our Purchase Protection Policy ensures a great experience for all our customers.

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A Commitment to the Principles and Nuances of Design

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As we continue in this beautiful journey of learning and discovery, we invite you to explore thoughtfully curated antiques, genuine and of sound quality, spanning from the 18th to early 20th century. Each vetted for its authenticity, workmanship, and condition—beautiful things designed to last and to pass on. Buyers Guide here.


Forging of excellence and beauty. Works of art by master artisans using meticulous, time-honored techniques, conveying a noteworthy part in the workmanship and value of a piece.


A legacy of design in every piece, distinctively crafted, timeless, and functional. Cohesive design encapsulating the prized elements that lend visual interests and enduring elegance—from the graceful and timeless lines to  eye-catching aesthetics—valued for how they can balance, complete or transform an interior. 


The finest materials—the essential hallmarks of fine furnishing will retain their beauty and value years from now—ensuring that they can be passed down through generations. And that's sustainability we can all endorse.

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