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Extraordinary Design and Craftsmanship

Where design and craftsmanship artfully converge.

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Welcome to STYLE LEGACY 
Your connection to the world of design

The enduring fascination with form, function, materials and timeless design. Zcollector articles Encapsulate creativity and style rooted in timeless elegance, the alchemy that happens when design and craftsmanship artfully converge. From architecture, interiors, and gardens to fashion, jewelry and more. Creativity and style that Inform and inspire our readers connections to the world of design.

French Furniture: Distinctive Styles and Periods—Renaissance Through Louis XVl

In all periods people have given much thought not only to beautifying their homes, but to achieving the correctness of style that contributes elegance and dignity. With that in mind, the purpose of this article is to provide the collector and all who are interested in French furniture with highlights of the various periods or styles, and the goldsmiths, engravers, and designers of the periods.       

Master of Ukiyo-e katsushika-Hokusai (1760-1848)

M. Louis Gonse says of Hokusai, “He is the last and most brilliant figure of a progress of more than ten centuries—the exuberant and exquisite product of a time of profound peace and incomparable refinement.” From the standpoint of Buddhism, Hokusai was the crowning glory, the supreme efflorescence of countless previous incarnations. In his career he epitomized the theory of evolution, the embryonic stages being exemplified by his progress through the schools. 

Magnificent Jewels: Brilliant Corsage of Diamonds and Platinum

Explore The World
of Magnificent Jewels

“Diamonds,” the song goes, “are a girl’s best friend.” Sythentic gems and costume jewelry have given to every woman opportunities once limited to the wealthy few. Jewels have a long history, but always an immediate test of use. In both aspects, they hold an ever present allure. From its history and characteristics to the art of feminine adornment, here are some fascinating facts.

Intentional Architecture

This article is about intentional design and the eminent architect who brought the homeowner’s vision to reality through a unique, exciting, and transformative design: a process we wrote about a while back, addressing the creativity and storytelling that come to life through an alignment with personal values and aesthetics. 

A Sumptuous Alcove Bed

Though most people know that fabric and color are the most important elements of a successfully decorated room, many without the aid of a professional decorator fall short of achieving the look desired. This post not only instructs the novice and experienced alike, but also helps them think out every detail.

Extraordinary Landscape Design

Reflections on the dynamic process of integrating diverse elements into a unified whole. Here are some impactful design ideas and tips to turn your backyard into a personal Shangri-La.  

Acclaimed Equine Artist

Spotlight on Jaime Corum, a classically trained painter widely considered to be one of the finest for capturing the spirit, majesty, and athleticism of famous Thoroughbreds.

 Luxury Spa Bathroom

From elegant simplicity to the all encompassing sophisticated—no matter the size, there are easy ways to take the bathroom from basic to beautiful. These designs spark joy and calm and will surly inspire your own remarkable reprieve from the busyness of the world.

Wellness Innovations From Top Makers

Health & Wellness Innovations
From Top Makers

A look at impressive options from the world's most valuable brands delivering innovative ways to help you transform your personal space from functional to wellness at home. 

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Contemporary visionary artists behind some of today's most coveted artworks. Elegant and dynamic, it showcases considerable ingenuity and pioneering vision that define their mature oeuvre. 

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The Dining Table as the Center of Family Connection

Reflections on the importance of coming together for meals with family and friends, to share traditions and celebrate life at large.

When we think about the importance of coming together, there is something more significant at hand.

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History of the Fireplace

With a tradition that goes back for centuries, the fireplace is a key element of style and function—but the hearth wasn't always the way it is today.

Luxury Kitchen Design Essentials

Function starts with design, and design in the kitchen is critical if we want to squeeze more joy out of everyday. Design is key in almost everything we experience today. Inherently good design improves the quality of life for all, and that's the goal here.

_img src=_ImpactfulFocal Point in interior design__
Antique French Console Table.jpg

Every room needs an eye-catching focal point: the ahhh factor that elevates the visual interest and appeal of a room. Here are some Impactful design ideas to impart a sense of depth and the fact that timeless design does not require a lot of bells and whistles.

of Iconic Design Elements

Its rich vocabulary of classical design element introduced centuries ago and still stands as a symbol of traditional taste. Let's take a look at its classical detail and what it reveals.

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An original Viennese Biedermeier commode in splendid Karelian Birch.

A Complete Picture
of Intentional Living

14 Values of an authentic home: a higher purpose than aesthetic consumption. This idea of an authentic home, its comforts assembled and brought into focus by orchestrating one's uniqueness into living spaces has its own thoughtful narrative.

Biedermeier Furniture: Facts
Worth Knowing

Recognizing the difference between an original and a reival piece can be tricky for a beginner. Incognizant of the differences can be costly. Here are the facts you might want to consider before purchasing Biedermeier furniture.

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