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Acclaimed Equine Artist

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Contemporary Art

As the148th running of the Kentucky Derby approaches, Derby fever is running sky high among every horse racing fan. There

will be moments of breathless anticipation, heart-pounding thrills tempered by legendary beauty and power when the jockeys

and horses erupt into a mass of energy and speed. Here at Zcollector, we are celebrating the magic of the noble horse through the keenly observant eye of Jaime Corum, a native Kentuckian.


MAY 4,  2022, 8:28 PM

Artwork by acclaimed equine artist

 Strong sculptural qualities capture a moment charged with nervous tension. The astounding movement in this energetic and striking racing scene exemplifies the spirit of the horse: its grace, power, speed, and the role of the horse as a sporting inspiration. 

Acclaimed Equine Artist

       idely considered to be one of the finest for capturing the spirit, majesty, and athleticism of famous Thoroughbreds, the classically trained painter Jaime Corum found her calling and muse early in life. Layered, complex, and nuanced, the compelling portraitures of her subjects clearly demonstrate a lifelong connection with the noble horse. Inspired and influenced by the work of George Stubbs and Alfred Munnings, Corum exemplifies the naturalistic treatment that brings to life the very essence of her subjects.


Jaime Corum

Zenyatta Life Size Portrait by Jaime Corum

Zenyatta, a.k.a. the Queen 

Oil on canvas, 8' by 11' classical portrayal of the celebrated horse sporting the saddlecloth from her first Breeders' Cup.

"The Queen's Dance"
Executed With Corum's Hallmark Flair

A befitting title for the imposing classical portrayal of Zenyatta. Sporting the saddlecloth from her first Breeders Cup, the life-size painting reveals her strong sculptural qualities and dappled dark mahogany coloring tempered by precise delicacy and elegance that animate the mare’s characteristic high stepping dancing routine. Conveying that inner spark in a visual language is a lofty ideal, which exemplifies a unique and powerful synthesis of color, form, and fluency in light: a cohesive polished aesthetic that is the hallmark of Corum’s  paintings. 

Equine artwork by acclaimed artist .

“I was trained to recognize good conformation and good action, but having my own horse has allowed me to really feel the muscles, feel the ideal movement of a horse in a particular discipline.“

That remarkable ability helps explain Corum’s mature oeuvre, which is built on a foundation of intricate detail that leaves nothing to chance—that artistic power which seem to bring her subjects to life—adeptness in capturing the animal’s inner spark as well as their outer splendor. Her portrayals of horses with all its nuances epitomized the legendary beauty and power of her subjects. Both experts and collectors agree that Corum belongs to that fine class of equine painters devoted to combining anatomical exactitude with interesting details. We continue to relish her fascinating visual homage to this majestic animal. 

Oil on linen 30 in. x 18 in.
Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby Bourbon Bottle

"Dreams in Bloom"

2022 Commemorative Woodford Reserve's Kentucky Derby bourbon bottle features the artwork of Jaime Corum. 

Jaime's Response to Having Her Art Adorn a Woodford Reserve Derby Bottle

"It is an absolute dream project. I am a total fan-girl of both racing and bourbon culture, and I love the pride in place that these things bring me in my home state of Kentucky. Being invited to help celebrate the 148 running of the Kentucky Derby with the new Woodford Reserve Derby bottle label is truly a dream come true."

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