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6 Powerful designs for a lavish and functional kitchen

Where design and craftsmanship artfully converge.

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Interior Design/Kitchen Design

 Design Principles
For a Splendid
and Functional Kitchen

The kitchen is as much about performance as it is about style. Whether you are about to launch a major renovation or want to take your kitchen from basic to beautiful and functional, these design examples encapsulate the essentials of a custom kitchen: precision, functionality, and aesthetics. 

Published on NOV 1, 2021 9:55PM
Luxury Kitchen Design.jpg

A kitchen where one feels excited about cooking, enjoying meals, hosting, and perhaps cleaning. The two parts of the room, kitchen and living room, are visually linked to make a harmoniously unified impression—a wonderful demonstration of the welcoming qualities of a warm-toned room scheme. The key to the harmony of the design is the golden brown of the eye-catching architectural feature—mill work that compliment the predominantly neutral effect of the whole.

Functionality: The Key Principle
of Kitchen Design

Given such a central role in the home, many of us have given top priority to a functional kitchen. The unwavering pursuit of a beautiful and functional kitchen shows how important design can become in the fabric of our lives. That's not news. It should come as no surprise, then, that research findings from the National Kitchen and Bath Association indicate that American household spent $47.7 billion on kitchen renovations in 2018.

Timeless KitchenDesign.jpg

A common thread in well designed kitchens reflects ease of use and functionality.

Indeed, design is key in almost everything we experience today. From buildings and cities to products and spaces, inherently good design improves the quality of life for all.

There is no denying, a kitchen has its share of demands to meet, therefore it needs to be functional while looking sharp. There is much to consider when it comes to creating a beautiful and functional kitchen—from layout and decor, including color schemes, lighting and flooring to appliances and cabinets—while making recycling easy and enough room to exhale.

_img src=_Timeless KitchenDesign.jpg_ alt=_Handsome floor tiling, stainless steel range, a

The uniquely crafted cabinet clearly becomes the centerpiece in this warm and welcoming kitchen.

Design Principles to Optimize
a Kitchen Layout 

Function starts with design, and design in the kitchen is critical if we want to squeeze more joy out of everyday. The kitchen is as much about performance as it is about style. Therefore, creating workflow efficiency to get on with the task at had  is the goal. On that note, a good guide is the Kitchen Triangle, also know as the Working Triangle, and alluringly dubbed the Golden Triangle: a conceptual tool that focuses on appropriate spacing to optimize a kitchen layout. 


The embodiment of modern luxury at its finest means a seamless union of memorable design and function.

Developed by researchers at the University of Illinois School of Architecture, the kitchen Work Triangle concept has been around since the early twentieth century. In basic terms, it dictates placement of the three main work areas of a kitchen—the refrigerator, the range or cooktop, and the sink should loosely form a triangle—each leg of the triangle should be between four and nine feet each, and the sum distance should not be less than 13 or more than 26 feet.

At such, neither too far apart or too compact, such precise spacing ideally benefits kitchen activities by allowing a smooth flow in the workplace between the tasks of cooking (stove), chopping/peeling (sink), and storage (refrigerator). Importantly, there should be no element blocking the flow through the triangle.


Perfect balance of functionality, ambiance, and  eye-catching mix of colors, textures and patterns lend artistry and elegance to any kitchen.

While the Work Triangle is a practical concept that helps optimize a kitchen layout, it does not allow multiple individuals to move around the kitchen. In the modern household not everyone cooks or uses the kitchen in the same way. Thus, with a family centered kitchen in mind, the idea of a sort of evolved kitchen triangle is necessary; incorporating self-contained workstation versus three distinct work areas seem practical, particularly in larger kitchen, accounting for multiple sinks, separate cooktops and ovens. Of course keeping in mind the distance between work zones, thereby ideally benefits kitchen activities by allowing a smooth flow between work zones.

_img src=_The Ultimate inKitchenBeutifulDe.jpg_ alt=_Gourmet kitchen with spectacular cabi

Often outfitted with state-of-the-art-appliances and gadgets, an epicurean kitchen is personalized to satisfy the needs, preferences, style, and individuality of the homeowner. A precise design outfitted for the avid foodie.

6 Types of Kitchen Layouts

There are many practical ideas for the design and realization of your dream kitchen but ultimately the perfect kitchen is relative----a kitchen to fit your lifestyle----a kitchen that's built around you. Here are 6 types of kitchen layouts which we will explore on:

  • The galley layut

  • The L-shaped layout

  • The U-shaped layout

  • The island layout

  • The peninsula layout

  • The one-wall kitchen

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