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5 Powerful Ways
to Make a Home Stand Out

Every room needs an ahhh factor that elevates visual interest and appeal. The lack thereof can take away visual structure, making a room less harmonious. In this blog post, we'll take a look on the general principles and finer points of interior design.

OCT 15, 2021, 11:08M

Impactful Focal Point in Luxury Interiors.jpg

Visual weight as an impactful focal point. 

Juxtaposition to Highlight Contrast

In this example, the visual weight of these architectural doors juxtaposed against clean lines cannot be ignored. They impart a sense of depth and the fact that timeless design does not require a lot of bells and whistles. 

Impactful and Memorable Interior.jpg

 Imagination comes to life through a seamless union of colors, textures, and shapes.

This well appointed room with its architectural backdrop and built-in focal point does not need much help in bringing visual structure. The luxurious wing back chairs and sofa create an immediate sense of casual comfort while making a harmoniously unified impression.   

_img=src=_LuxuriousInterior.jpg_ alt=_Interior with custom stone wall, fireplace, and chandelier">

 Good design adheres to the rules of design but knows when to flex.

The Secret Weapon of The Most Intriguing Interiors

A well composed design emphasizing a lively sense of personality and style through architectural detail, bold style, and a lushness that suits the look. The owners of this lively and comfortable living room have been brave in their choice but have not picked them at random. The informal nature of the setting is emphasized by the contrast within. The most striking, transforming the space into a true work of art, being between the sheer exuberance of the chandelier and the boldness of the stone accent wall. The textured wall creates the right amount of visual tension and naturally attracts the eye, allowing visual interest to prevail by leading one’s gaze in, through, and around
the rooms. 

Luxury Home Spa Impactful Design Ideas.jpg

Impactful architectural detail in grand-scale relaxation indulgence.

The Importance of Visual Weight in Design

An imposing window gives any room a feeling of grandeur and class----architectural detail that instantly creates a more inviting atmosphere----bringing natural light into this personal space of calm and balance. Better yet, when coupled with an interesting view.

While there are many possible alternatives for creating impactful visual interest, effectively using contrast in size, shape, color, and texture is one of the easiest ways to create dramatic aesthetic that brings visual structure to a room. 

A splendid Dining Room  _alt= How to add elegance and visual interest to your dining room_

The wingback chair imparts enduring old world sensibilities with strong focal point appeal.

Balance and Tension
at the Heart of Every Creative Endeavor

This room benefits from the the interplay of opposing elements. The refined profile of the chandelier imparts an interesting dynamic; its sheer exuberance delightfully at play with the rustic beams. That's Just enough tension to make the room interesting and alive. 

The visual weight of the sumptuous wingback chair juxtaposed with traditional dining chairs cannot be ignored. While anchoring the room, these oversized luxurious chairs convey chic expression of style and the fact that good design exudes harmony and balance. 

Most of us, whether from inexperience or timidity, shy away both from using such bold contrast and from fulfilling secret dreams about what we want a room to be. While we do not consider it fashionable to be haphazard and cluttered, we believe that imagination plays a key role in interior design. Best and most original results are often produced by an inspired combination of patterns, colors and textures which go beyond the rules. It is that inspiration which lifts the decoration of a room above the merely mundane to become unique and stunning. 

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