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_img src=_Notable Latin American Artist.jpg_ Alt=_Original artwork by Francisco Díaz de Le

Influential Latin American Artist

Díaz de Leon

About this artist
Francisco Díaz de León (1897- 1975) 

Francisco Díaz de León (1897-1975) looms large over the history of modern Mexican art: an outstanding engraver, illustrator, book designer, photographer, professor, founder of the Open-Air Painting School in Tlalpan and director of the School of Book Arts. The energy he brought to all of these activities has influenced several generations of Mexican artists. As a printmaker, Díaz de León’s style married a bold modernist graphic pop with warmth and intimacy of lineation, and he developed this style across a vast body of work, comprising some 1,500 print works. 

The work presented here is an original drawing, titled Restaurant "La Gruta" dated, and signed by the Latin American artist.

_img src=_Influential Latin American Artist.jpg_ Alt=_Original artwork by Francisco Díaz d

Latin American artist, Francisco Diaz de Leon notable for pioneering much of modern Mexican graphic arts. 






Francisco Díaz de León








12 x 14 in.


Signed to the LR

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