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Juste-Aurèle Meissonnier: Sculptor, Painter,
Architect, Designer, and Royal Goldsmith
Dates: 1695-1750
Born: Turin, Savoy
Died: Paris, France

Sculptor, painter, architect, designer, and royal goldsmith who is credited with perfecting the Rococo style. Juste-Aurèle Meissonnier was considered one of the leading designers of the influential Rococo style in the decorative arts. Meissonnier migrated to Paris early in his career, receiving a warrant as master goldsmith from King Louis XV in 1724 and was appointed designer for the king’s bedchamber and cabinet in 1726.

Meissonnier produced works of astonishing variety. He had a powerful and fertile imagination—his fantastic grottoes and swirling, animated, asymmetrical metalwork designs combined contrasting and original motifs—designs that solidify the creative genius of Meissonnier. As a goldsmith, he was renowned for the boldness of his designs. 

Elegant and dynamic, the example offered here exhibits the distinctive details that define French rococo: the asymmetrical design. This striking sculptural candelabra captures the quintessence Rocaille style. The quality of the work is very fine. There is movement as seen in the fluidity masterfully achieved in its extraordinary asymmetrical branches above a spiraling stem. its sinuous form in elegant freedom yet amplified its distinctive decor statement with an organic unity.  Topped by flower-shaped sockets with its bobeches. Comprised of fifteen detachable parts.

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