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American School 19th Century Still Life

American School 19th Century Still Life


Exuberant roses with a jug on a table

rendered in vibrant colours, bringing

the delicate spirit of the roses to life. The harmonious depiction with drapery and  a jug is set in pleasing contrast with the subtle curves of the roses, each painstakingly detailed. The insertion of honeysuckle heightens the overall contrast and appeal. 

A synthesis of natural beauty infused with the dynamism of vibrant colour, assured handling of the brush, and a controlled compositional arrangements of form, which lends the work its masterful qualities. 






American School



19th Century


Movement and Style

Realsism, Still Life


Oil on Canvas



18 x 22 in.

SKU: AP-5011
  • American School Still Life

    Exuberant Roses and a Jug

     c. 19th Century


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