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Clodion (Claude Michel) French Classical Urn

Clodion (Claude Michel) French Classical Urn


The splendid and rare urn offered here

is a marvel of artistic and delicate
rendering. Rising from
 a  molded socle

on a circular tiered base, halmarks
of Clodion's techniques masterfully
 achieved as seen in

the fine modeling of the relief body

with delicate incising of the cupids

amidst grape clusters. Imaginative in

its beauty and design, a complete

expression unto itself is seen

in the exquisite juxtaposition 

of ram's heads

with relief of twin serpents handles.





Country of Origin



Of The Period




Late 18th/Early 19th Century



12.5 in. H 






Attrib. Clodion (Claude Michel ) (1738-1814 )

SKU: DA-3007
  • French sculptor whose works epitomized the quintessence of the Rococo style. Clodion possessed great technical virtuosity and he executed works in a variety of media. 

    The urn presented here demonstrates Clodion's creative prowess  as seen in the fine modeling: A marvel of artistic and delicate rendering.



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