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Windsor Great Park

Windsor Great Park



The grandeur of ancient trees.
A luminous 19th century depiction 

of Windsor Great Park
 towering oak trees, several

of which are more

than 1,000 years old. 

Dominated by energetic

brushstrokes, Levinson expressively

breathes life into the canvas,

rendering nature's powerful

presence with splendor and vitality.


Using an extraordinary array

of greens hues and earth tones,

amplified with looser brushstrokes

to create an intense depth

of color and a complex interplay

of light and shadow, Levinson adeptly

captures the effect of light

and athmosphere, which breaks

through the dark of the scene,

thereby insects the composition

and draws attention to the

center of the painting.


Vigorous and precise, this scene

of massive and twisted trunks

lit up by sunlight, conveying

a sense of their vitality

and expansiveness. The trees

themselves become the focus

of the painting, celebrating them as

symbols of power, persistence,

and beauty. The figure to the right in

a small patch of sunlight is easily

overlook, suggesting the

human presence as transitory

and minor among the ancient and

imposing trees 






Susan Levinson 





Movement and Style



Oil on Board



12.5 x 24 in.



Initialed and dated lower right SL 1867

Titled on the reverse

Susan Levinson, Windsor Park

SKU:  AP-5001
  • Inspired and influenced by the work of Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, Levinson exemplifies the naturalistic treatment that Carot explored at Barbizon in 1832—painting directly from nature—capturing nature the way the artist saw and felt with emphasis on light and a romantic respect for details. 

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